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Mix with your favourite dress biatch!!! get the party started!!! January 16, 2010

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colourful gold dress shoe (DS-102) IDR 430.000

sparkling silver dress shoe (DS-201) IDR 420.000

rosemary dress shoe (DS-202) IDR 550.000

jeweled silver dress shoe (DS-103) IDR 480.000

red and white dress shoe (DS-104) IDR 380.000

sparkling gold dress shoe (DS-105) IDR 480.000

simple red dress shoe (DS-106) IDR 380.000

green belt dress shoe (DS-203) IDR 480.000

classy brown belt dress shoe (DS-204) IDR 450.000

jeweled black dress shoe (DS-107) IDR 530.000

sparkling grey dress shoe (DS-108) IDR 520.000

sexy golden red dress shoe (DS-109) IDR 620.000

white chained dress shoe (DS-101) IDR 420.000


Boots Collection for Bold Chic!!!

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Black Calf boots (BT-201) IDR 780.000

Brown tribal knee high boots (BT-302) IDR 950.000

Black tartan robe ankleboots (BT-102) IDR 630.000

Red velvet rope ankleboots (BT-101) IDR 580.000

Bold black belted vamps ankleboots (BT-103) IDR 690.000

Brown velvet knee high boots (BT-303) IDR 850.000

Gold with bow anklebots (BT-104) IDR 720.000

Belted vamps black knee high boots (BT-304) IDR 900.000

Simple harlow denim ankleboots (BT-105) IDR 580.000

Simple black leather ankleboots (BT-106) IDR 550.000

Simple white knee high boots (BT-301) IDR 880.000


How to Order And Payment Terms

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1. Pick shoes you want to bring home

2. See the code following the picture (ex: AS-101)

3. Send me an email at with the following format:

Name :

Address :

Phone number :

Shoes Code :

Shoes Size :


1. After you mail me, i will reply with my bank account number

2. You have to transfer the money to the bank account and email me the transfer receipt within 24 hours.

3. After i receive the money, the stuff will be send to your address.

Gals! Penjualan ini cuma di Indonesia aja ya! Belum bisa menjangkau yang di luar Indonesia.. ^^

Anyway, the price listed exclude delivery charge.

Then enjoy your stylish stuffs biatch!



Anklestraps Collection! Enjoy Gals!

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    bold latte ankle straps (AS-101) IDR 430.000

    mixed gold straps (AS-203) IDR 380.000

    goldsnake printed anklestrap (AS-102) IDR 450.000

    simple blue ribbon anklestraps (AS-204) IDR 380.000

    boldpink anklestraps (AS-205) IDR 420.000

green ethnic ankle straps (AS-201) IDR 450.000

dottedblack anklestraps (AS-103) IDR 450.000


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Hallo Gals…

Let me intoduce this online store..

KiwiCup by Rizzantia!

This Store have many collection of shoes and boots from famous designers and models..

All of this shoe is handmade, from finest materials  so the quality is guaranteed and permanently up-to-date..

Come on gals, make your dream realized.

be a stylish!


and bold!

Make sure you order and just buy from this blog..




Read this, biatch!! January 11, 2010

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Hello all..

This is my first post!!

In this blog, you can see so many stuff.. Girly stuff yessss!

But I’m warning you..


All of this cute stuff here is a fake, because this blog is only  my assignment and i will delete this blog after i get a mark for my college subject..

Yeah! “A” for E-com!! *wish <– This part for you Mr. Mirwan, ^^



Enjoy! ^^